woensdag 4 augustus 2021

dinsdag 3 augustus 2021

maandag 2 augustus 2021

Once more the street museum

 Some murals are really penetratingly large.


Had to look 2 times before I saw that it was a mural on an order truck suspended from the roof structure.

And all fantastic work. One for Sami's Colourful World here.

zaterdag 31 juli 2021

It's possible again.

 A visit to a nice exhibition like here the photo festival in Naarden

A chance meeting of Bieke Depoorter (Magnum photographer) with Agata, in a strip club in Paris, produces a fascinating series of photographs. On display in the Grote Kerk of Naarden

Also many pictures in the ramparts of Naarden fortress like here pictures from Eva Roefs who photographed the heads of prominent residents of the red light district in Amsterdam. Must say that the location sometimes made demands on the hobby photographer who tries to capture it all without flash.

vrijdag 30 juli 2021

Looking up

 For this kind of air, you don't have to leave the door anymore . One for Skywatch friday here.

donderdag 29 juli 2021


A nice little terrace on a famous place
Its where that little green comes out of the famous canal houses facade on the Damrak. And without tourists the natives get now also a change.

woensdag 28 juli 2021

Rembrandt says

 I found this sign near the new Straat museum in Amsterdam. One for Signs2 here.

dinsdag 27 juli 2021

3-D printed bridge


Amsterdam has the honor to have the first 3-D printed bridge in the world. It is situated over the " Oudezijds Achterburgwal " and made by 3D Metalprint MX3D start up. One for Our World Tuesday here.

maandag 26 juli 2021

Straat Museum 2

 Encouraged by the enthusiasm of fellow blogger BertieBo, I also went to the new street museum in Amsterdam Noord.

The amount of murals from all over the world is really overwhelming.

In the coming weeks I have at least some murals to show and not to forget also the surroundings of the museum contains many murals and therefore worth a visit. One for Sami's Colourful World here.

zondag 25 juli 2021

Work continues as usual

 But now in an electric van.

zaterdag 24 juli 2021

vrijdag 23 juli 2021

A beautiful day

Yesterday a beautiful day to visit Amsterdam.
Everyone was in the mood

And of course with interruptions for lunch. 
One for Skywatch Friday here.

donderdag 22 juli 2021

City walk

I ran into this friendly photographer in Amsterdam last week. He was on a photo hunt through Amsterdam with his brother. Coincidentally, I am going to do the same today, also with my brother. Hope you have a wonderful day which I am also hoping for.

woensdag 21 juli 2021

Pruning the tree.

Maybe a little regret? One for Signs2 here.

dinsdag 20 juli 2021

Insect friendly garden

 Can say that making our garden bee-friendly has worked very well this year. Maybe a little too well.

maandag 19 juli 2021

Unknown artist

This drawing, lasered from steel plate, really requires you to bend your knees to see what it represents. Seen at Art Zuid but despite buying the catalog the maker cannot be traced. 
One for Sami's Colourful World here.

zondag 18 juli 2021

On the way to Rotterdam

The cathedrals of our time.

zaterdag 17 juli 2021

One takes

A cat, a lounger that can be sucked against the window and a nice temperature of the window preferably on the south. 
One for Saturday Critters here.

vrijdag 16 juli 2021

A valley in heaven

The newest architectural addition to amsterdam by architect office MVRDV. The Green Valley project. One for Skywatch Friday here.