woensdag 19 september 2018

Wrong sign

You don't cycle in a subway station. One for Signs, Signs here.

dinsdag 18 september 2018


Due to the climate change an optimistic neighbor has already banana palms in his front garden.
and his neighbor a parrot on his fence. One for Our World Tuesday here.

maandag 17 september 2018

Triathlon Almere

The mural artist of this memory mural of the triathlons in Almere put also some volunteers and himself on the underside and even the bricks are painted. One for Sami's colorfulworld here.

zondag 16 september 2018

Still life

One for Sunday Shadow Shot here.

zaterdag 15 september 2018

It remains fun.

That passage between to building parts of the Amsterdam Museum underground. One for Weekend Reflections here.

vrijdag 14 september 2018

Amsterdam Sky

Free for everybody to enjoy. View over the "Nieuwe Grachtje". One for Skywatch Friday here.

donderdag 13 september 2018

From the hip

Okay it rained to much and not sharp but I still like it. Granddad bring his grandson to ?

woensdag 12 september 2018

Let's do

I still wonder why every text in amsterdam is in english or is this just not for locals. One for Signs, Signs here.

dinsdag 11 september 2018

For bike lovers

Outside a bike rental shop I found this piece of artwork.
Great details. One for Our World Tuesday here.

maandag 10 september 2018

But do you get the message?

Not an average design ad this caral. One for Sami's Colorful World here.

zaterdag 8 september 2018

The St Nicolas Church.

I must admit it is a bit easy in amsterdam to make a nice reflection. One for James Weekend Reflections here.

vrijdag 7 september 2018

Come on then

After a rainy night the sky this morning. One for Skywatch Friday here.

donderdag 6 september 2018

From the hip

This cat jumped from the street on a windowsill near a table in a restaurant to get a piece of food from the guests. Looking at the easy way everything worked it wasn't her first time.

woensdag 5 september 2018

It would be in your backyard.

Perhaps good for NYC but not good for the scale of amsterdam. A real sign of the brutalism of today's worldwide corporations. One for sign's, sign's here.

dinsdag 4 september 2018

Sometimes you have to deal with reality

We try to stop it but until now only one mouse and a little sparrow but eating no way.
One for Our World Tuesday here.

maandag 3 september 2018

The city museum has its bedding aired

Nearly fifty years after conceptual artist Marinus Boezem had suggested this to air the museum and its content. One for Sami's colorful world here.

zondag 2 september 2018

Just rolls out of the camera.

Bieb looking on her blog on iPad in the afternoon sun. One for Shadow Shot Sunday here.

zaterdag 1 september 2018

vrijdag 31 augustus 2018

donderdag 30 augustus 2018