donderdag 14 oktober 2021

Fashion exhibition

Went with Bieb to Maison Amsterdam, a fashion exhibition in the new church about the fashion of the past and present worn and created or not in Amsterdam.While Bieb photographed the clothes I concentrated more on the visitors.  This English-speaking lady confessed to me that she worked as make-up artist in the film industry while I complimented her on her hair which I thought would have fit seamlessly into the exhibition.

A red patent leather suit by amsterdam-based designer ninamounah from her seduce-me collection 2021 is being nicely imitated by this visitor who got this coat from the thrift store and is having very good luck with it.

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  1. When it comes to hair, the ladies certainly have a lot of different styles.

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    1. Very well seen. I hadn’t seen it. Remarkable and thanks for the remark.

  3. The lady with the amazing hair has a wonderful smile. Also like your story about the thrift store coat being a great success. You look just fine reflected in the mirror. In answer to your question, Degas exhibited his "Little Dancer Age Fourteen" sculpture, his only sculpture exhibited in his life, in 1881. It was made of wax and real clothing. It created a sensation. The statue in my photo is one of two plaster casts made from the wax original. And more than twenty cast bronze examples have been made, so it is likely you have seen one in a museum.

  4. Las últimas tendencias, están recogidas aquí.

  5. I really like her photo in the first photo.


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