maandag 20 september 2021

Amsterdam magic center

A painted transformer house in the Hemonylaan amsterdam old-south.

Murals from amsterdams own mural specialist Hugo Kaagman. One for Sami's Colourful World here


13 opmerkingen:

  1. Tienen mucho arte esos murales.

    Tienen unos digujos fantásticos y un excelente color.

  2. The text has some interesting things to say... but the frog is the winner. He is a real standout.

  3. What a pleasant way to liven up a dull building. Like most who commented, the frog is a real joy to see.

  4. Creative painting. It almost looks like a Delft design to make this plain building attractive and fun.

  5. Beautiful Delft paintings. Been out of phone/net reception since Tuesday, just got back to civilization... Thanks for participating in Monday murals.


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