maandag 2 augustus 2021

Once more the street museum

 Some murals are really penetratingly large.


Had to look 2 times before I saw that it was a mural on an order truck suspended from the roof structure.

And all fantastic work. One for Sami's Colourful World here.

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  1. I like all three postings. The one with the truck mural must have been a real challenge.

  2. ...these are fabulous! My favorite is the peace hand on the truck.

  3. The top one looks like the work of Matt Adnate an Australian artist, but it doesn't look like from the signature on the left.
    That truck, wow, a bit scary to look up and have that hanging there, but very cool too.
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals SC

  4. More than fantastic s.c. brilliant. The first is my favourite, those eyes 💙

  5. They are fabulous especially the 1st one!
    I'm still around despite blogger problems.

  6. Ja wat was er veel te zien hè. Ik denk dat ik nog eens ga

  7. Very cool murals, the peace sign is always going to be around.

  8. Tienen un buen diseño y son muy vistoso.

    He intentado ya varias veces, poner tu blog en mi otro blog VENTANA DE FOTO. Por muchas veces que lo he intentado no lo he conseguido y sin embargo en este otro blog que tengo, lo he puesto a la primera.

    Seguramente que habrá un número de blog y noo se podrás sobrepasar.


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