zondag 29 maart 2020

Lot of leisure time

And no employment. (Sorry for the quality but made with a 5 year old mobile in movement)

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  1. We're all trying to figure out ways to fill time.

  2. Nice cameras!Olympus and Nikon?Can you use them still?

    Good and Clear photo With the cellphone..I use mine as well 5 years old Samsung!
    Ohh I am tired of sittiing in the house as well.Tired of baking cakes scones pitzaes..cleaning the house.Scrubbing the Cooking plates.BUT we are not sick and have it fine so i shall not complane!Wish you and Family a good sunday!

    1. Yes they still work perfect. Here also everything well. Have a nice sunday also Anita.

  3. Nice collection!

    Stay safe and healthy.

  4. Anything to pass the time. Nice group of cameras.

  5. SC your collection is making me jealous.

  6. No lockdown in ny area yet so I have been out with the trusted Canon today despite the cold weather.

  7. Nice collection. I still have a few film cameras but hardly ever use them.

  8. Fine collection of cameras. The Epson R-D1 with its Leica lens is an excellent camera for street photography. Is this the one you use regularly?


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