dinsdag 23 december 2014

Still the light festival

From the italian design bureau Aether & Hemera these wings of freedom. They changes quick of color and shows us the impressive way technology is changing our society without thinking much about it.
This work called flawless is from chilean designer Gonzalo Bascuñan. During daylight these leafs, floating above the water, accumulate sunlight that they give back during the night. Like chlorofyl essential for life this installation is self-sufficient.
The alley of light on the daniel meyers square where you literally can walk through from Serge Schoemaker architect. Its 4m high and 12m long with in the middle the alley.It contains nearly 2000 led lamps and is really difficult to get a bit nice on the photo. The lamps also change continuous from illumination. Its like a building only not from bricks but from lights. For more photo's from the light festival you can also look at biebkriebels blog.

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