woensdag 8 oktober 2014

Just tricked.

Always fun a 3d painting on the pavement. This one was made before the entrance of the town hall in Almere. The red sign is the sign for the Floriade in 2024 when it wil held in Almere. Yes it takes 10 years to prepare a park for an international plants and flower exhibition. One for signs, signs here.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice. I am still waiting to come across 3D art. No such luck so far.

  2. Like Andy, I have yet to see one. I am wondering if they place an X "stand here" to see it best.

    1. Yes they do indeed in the form of two feet were you have to place them John

  3. ah, there is a marker for standing - I would be walking all around the thing, probably getting a little dizzy as I went!

  4. I still haven't seen one yet. Looks so effective even in photographs.