zondag 4 mei 2014

Some last Bauhaus impressions for now (6)

The big studio at ground level in Dessau Bauhaus University. Now a Bauhaus shop.

The atrium annex theatre. The tubing tip-up chairs are from 1926 designed by Marcel Breuer and stil have their original cloth also an original Bauhaus design. At the ceiling the famous lights from Max Krajewski .  

From the theatre looking to the stage. The colors on the ceiling and beams are still like the original ones.

 The cupboards in the workroom of Walter Gropius in Dessau. It was Mies v.d. Rohe as last director of the Bauhaus who said "less is more" meaning to use minimal details in the correct dimensions in architecture. Something the Bauhaus was always trying to do in its ideas and designs.

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  1. Magnificent architecture. Great shots as well!

  2. That second shot reminded me of the old lecture hall at my college that dated back I think to the end of the 1800s. The seats were theater style and made out of wrought iron and wood. Oh, and the lamps attached to the walls of the theater were old kerosene or gas lamps that had been converted to electricity. Alas! I imagine it now exists only in photographs and, with any luck, a few odd blogs. :-)

  3. Quite a fascinating place with architecture and history and functionality.

  4. Very cool spaces indeed Thank you for showing !!


  5. And here in the auditorium it starts to seem a little cold to me - not your photos but the architecture. Maybe it's different when filled with people and maybe it sounds great acoustically, but it doesn't look like a comfortable or inviting place...but I like many of the individual elements.

  6. Very good photos and architectural illustration. We don't have any Mies buildings here but there are plenty in Chicago, which we visit frequently.

    April was an interesting architectural month for me, with visits to Taliesin West and Graceland.

  7. I went to NYC to see a Bauhaus exhibit at MoMA a few years ago and nobody I knew understood why. You would have, I'm sure :-)
    Enjoyed looking through your post.