dinsdag 21 mei 2013

Grand cars.

Talbot Lago T26 grand sport coupé Saoutchik from 1948.
Only 38 were made . I didn't know we had an car museum in the Netherlands and second that it is so big . The Louwman Museum in the Hague started as the oldest private car collection with the purchase in 1934 of a twenty year old dodge. Today it consist of more then 230 cars and a lot of connected other stuff. I walked around for 4 hours and after that time I decided that it was enough and had still not seen everything so I have to come back another time.

This car called "Old Lightning" in translation is for dutch comic readers well known. What I didn't know is that it really existed and that the original from Spyker ( a dutch firm for cars ) made in 1912 was used as example by M. Toonder the author of the comic about Olivier B. Bumble and Tom Puss.

Here the original "Old Lightning" from the comic. The Spyker 7-HP from 1912.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. The Talbot Lago is a really classic.

  2. a play ground for car lovers! You know, I do not care so much, but I would love to take my grand sons there. Fantastic museum for rainy days!
    And : yes, I was working a little to get the photos a little old fashioned, as this town was. Off course, Poland.

  3. Four hours? Sounds like me in the motorcycle museum in North Carolina. Yes, too much and will have to go back. That first car is wonderful.