donderdag 11 april 2013

Our daily bread.

Work on the metro amsterdam.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. It's nice to see he has his safety harness on.

  2. Uhm, why did the image of Peter Pan flying out the window come to my mind? :-)

  3. wow, very cool to see the levels.
    How many levels does it go down?

  4. Hoi Kitty
    I believe 4 levels underground and the deepest floor is 24m below street level. From the point where I stood it was about 21m. I am not sure but 90 % is below ground water so the whole construction must be anchored against an upwards lift from the water. It should be ready in 2011 but the problems where so great that people now speak over 2017 as the first possibility to use that line. Also the budget from the start is already three times more then calculated. There was a period when the government would stop the complete work but it is now at last on budget and the diggings are done.