zondag 1 februari 2015

Winter view

Somewhere in down-town Gouda an artist couldn't wait for better weather. It for sure brightens up a winter day.

zaterdag 31 januari 2015


One for weekend reflections here.

vrijdag 30 januari 2015

Fleur de Lis

An oldie from a holiday in france. Still going strong after 200 years but a bit neglected. One for good fences here.

donderdag 29 januari 2015


Little piece of the "warmoesstraat". A bit crowed with tourists as everywhere in the inner city.

woensdag 28 januari 2015


The times that you only could get a brown ball are now far behind us. Basket in front of a toy store.

dinsdag 27 januari 2015


Two colleagues in a cozy get-together. One for ruby tuesday here.

maandag 26 januari 2015


How to make something unattractive attractive. Make a mural out of it. One for mural monday here.

zondag 25 januari 2015

Winter sun

Bieb on her way to family in Gouda. One for shadow shot sunday here.

zaterdag 24 januari 2015

Sunset in Gouda

Sky reflection in the "Kattensingel" Gouda. One for weekend reflections here.

vrijdag 23 januari 2015


Moonrise above the harbor of Rotterdam. One for Skywatch Friday here.

donderdag 22 januari 2015

Spoken about taste.

Demonstration pizza dough throwing
yes nice catch.
I am not sure if I like these pizza's. (All seen on the horecava).

woensdag 21 januari 2015

In case of thirst.

How do you give your beer a fresh and tasty appearance. Mix it with some lemons and it looks very appetizing. One for sign,signs here.

dinsdag 20 januari 2015

Kids in art.

In the city museum of modern art in amsterdam are a few places were it is not completely clear if it is art or a children's playground. This one I dedicate for rubbish tuesday here
Here were also some kids playing and climbing on the waves while the mothers are watching. I dedicate this one to ruby tuesday too here.

maandag 19 januari 2015


At the entrance of the fair for the restaurant and cafe business (Horecava) was this stall for free hot chocolate. Not a bad idea in this weather. One for monday mellow yellows here.
Inside there were endless opportunities to let you photograph yourself with your favorite brand from the business.
Okay it has some fun indeed. 

zondag 18 januari 2015

Give away

The escalators and stair house from yesterdays posting in the stedelijk museum amsterdam.

zaterdag 17 januari 2015

In between

two escalators. One for weekend reflections here.

vrijdag 16 januari 2015


After endless rain and cloudy days at last some sunshine again as here above Amersfoort. One for skywatch friday here.

donderdag 15 januari 2015

Looking up

Just an unknown church in Amersfoort.

woensdag 14 januari 2015

Okay when does it stop.

Greetings from amsterdam.

dinsdag 13 januari 2015

Silent witnesses

Some problems with to much rain on the pavement in the garden. After drying just this little still live for Ruby tuesday here.