vrijdag 19 januari 2018

Stormy with sun

The only thing you can do, capture the light. One for Skywatch Friday here.

donderdag 18 januari 2018

Where thoughts are made

On the inner court of the Almere tax office I found this statue made by artist Ram Katzir  and its name is used as header of this post.

woensdag 17 januari 2018

dinsdag 16 januari 2018

Evening, but not so quiet.

"Leidsestraat" at 17:20 PM. One for Our World Tuesday here.

maandag 15 januari 2018

If you don't have much money you have to be smart.

Mural in a start up for young fashion designers. One for Monday Murals here.

zondag 14 januari 2018

A bit overrun by tourists

And I don't hope they will get overrun themselves.

zaterdag 13 januari 2018

Canal sloop

Took me a minute to realize that I was looking at the front of it. One for Weekend Reflections here.

vrijdag 12 januari 2018

New Cathedrals

I don't know who said it but someone said that the highways are our new Cathedrals in terms of building constructions. One for Skywatch Friday here.

donderdag 11 januari 2018

My former school

The Academy of Architecture on the Waterloo square still stands since 1655 designed by Hendrik de Keyzer as a house to give food and peat to the poor of the city. The side building was the warehouse were the goods were stored.In 1809 it became the royal printery and the side building an arsenal of the army. In 1946 the Academy settled here and is still today.

woensdag 10 januari 2018

What does it mean?

A new sign must be look out slippery on the tracks. Never seen before. One for Sign's, Signs's here.

dinsdag 9 januari 2018

Nice fabrics

With the colder temperatures people are looking for a nice shawl as here on the "Noorder" market. One for Our World Tuesday here.

maandag 8 januari 2018

Wall of photo's

Under the train viaduct in the "Planciusstraat" you find photo's from what I think are former interiors of demolished housing in the neighborhood to make place for new buildings. Can't find an explanation on internet. One for Monday Murals here.

zondag 7 januari 2018

If nature doesn't provide.

Then humans help. Everywhere on small squares you can find artificial ice rinks mostly erected by neighborhood associations to learn the kids skating, here on the "Zoutkeets plein".

zaterdag 6 januari 2018

vrijdag 5 januari 2018


The light at Rotterdam harbor is incredible so close to the North Sea. One for Skywatch Friday here.

donderdag 4 januari 2018

Despite winter

It doesn't stop people to take their coffees outside if the weather conditions are not to bad. One from the hip.

woensdag 3 januari 2018


Found this on a wooden bridge in the center of town. What it exactly means I don't know but it looks like something of a digital game. One for Signs, Signs here.

dinsdag 2 januari 2018

Remains of the night yesterday

Always those crackers at New Years Eve. Its time that we stop that.
Its a complete war zone. One for Our World Tuesday here.

maandag 1 januari 2018

Even in a new year most things are still the same.

A fresh start for the new year. I had this one before (see this) but covered with parked cars. One for Monday Murals here.

zondag 31 december 2017

Greetings from Amsterdam

Its difficult to stop when you are started but okay till the next year.