donderdag 3 augustus 2017

Egg trouble.

Big trouble for our egg sellers. On the market the numbers of the egg suppliers are controlled because     some delivers eggs with for humans to much poison in it. Shops and others have to take them out and all that because someone used a forbidden product to mix with a chicken lice killer used by chicken farms to clean their sheds.

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    1. There was a mention of this on the radio this morning. :O

  2. Interesting difference between American and European eggs is that American eggs must be washed (this removes a protective cover from the eggs), and European eggs are not washed. which preserves that covering. That is why Am. eggs must be refrigerated, but not European eggs. Too bad about the lice killing chemicals getting into the eggs.

  3. oh not good! I much prefer the free range ones - hopefully they don't use the same chemicals here.

  4. That's bad for people and the industry.


    excellent pick.