donderdag 4 mei 2017

The fourth of May

Today is the remembrance of the killed Dutch in WWII. 
At eight PM the whole country will be silent for 2 minutes.

Here on the Nieuwe Keizersgracht, also called the shadow quai, is a little monument. You find the names and numbers of the houses on the other side from which 200 Jews were deported in WWII by the germans.
Its a stunning long list.
Just one of the many.

From the 140.000 jews ( only in Amsterdam lived 75.000) 107.000 didn't survive the war. Furthermore 7.900 military and 88.900 dutch citizens also didn't made it.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. The death toll was so high for non combatants. They all deserve to be remember and never forgotten.

  2. So much tragedy for everyone, a terrible and horrible time in human history. It is important that they are remembered!

  3. A horrific time. My family came over from the Netherlands after the war- my parents were old enough at the end of it that they had clear memories of it.

  4. There are excellent memorial plaques all around.

  5. This is a fine memorial, but it is such a sad story of loss and death driven by irrational hate. I fear that those who do not know history may repeat these atrocities with some other category of people.

  6. Very important to remember all those that gave their lives for us.