zondag 16 april 2017

Easter holidays

On Easter holidays the crowd is huge in Amsterdam
To make photo's of people is easy but also troublesome
To much subjects
but also rewarding. Came back with 95 pics from a 1 hour walk and show here a few better ones in my eyes.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. I like you street photography today. Each one has it's own little story to tell.

  2. En een citytrip is ook de moeite waard als het wat minder mooi weer is.

  3. S. C. your street photography is just getting better and better. Have a Happy Easter. May you get your fill of chocolate.

  4. If I lived in a big city I would be doing just like you are with your street photography. I'd love the challenge. Keep on doing it.

  5. Nice street photos, lots of subjects. Have a Happy Easter!

  6. Are you shooting randomly from your hip or nearby? I notice the low point of view.

    At it looks cold. It's in the low to mid 20s every afternoon here now.

    1. I am shooting from my hip but not randomly. In reality aimed. And yes it a indeed cold with 9 or 10 degrees C.

  7. I will never see so lot of people in Helsinki as in your photos. Except if there is some event...
    I love your street photos.