donderdag 23 februari 2017

Back to the 17th century

Shine a copper vase in a tavern dating back to 1618.

Here the side wall from the Tasting Room of St Olofs Gate as it is called, There you can taste mainly more then 200 special or unique gins, liqueurs and bitters from which the firsts also saw the light around that time. The whole is also to hire as a wedding location.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. I love these old buildings. They were built to last.

  2. Aww we get drunk then? with all that tasting lol :))))

    Nice building and shoot!


  3. Tasting 200 gins sounds like a major retirement project. Gin has never been my favorite, but then I might not know enough about gin.

  4. A wonderful old building. I like the light highlighting the wall, very nice! I would have to visit and try a gin. Never realized that there were so many different gins.

  5. Love the effect created by that glass.

  6. Lovely old house. The first photo is like a painting.
    But over 200 gins is rather much... who can discern the flavors with each other.. :)