dinsdag 17 mei 2016

Tribute to the elderly in our society.

Further to my post yesterday the outdoor exhibition of pets at the end of the run track.
The posters are a tribute to the elderly in our society. Because they have so much to contribute to society. For instance by watching the pets of busy owners. The elderly are on photo on the other side of the stands and I show you only some pets they watched.
You only have to look at the dark eyes of Kyra (10) and you melt. 
Photographer Nico Kroon.
Chippie (21) doing what comes to her and is a real hedonist.
Photographer Sacha de Boer.
Anka (13) thinks she is still a puppy and is always disappointed if her body contradicts that.
Photographer Sander Troelstra.
I dedicate this post to Our World Tuesday here.

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