zondag 17 april 2016

Safety Day.

Yesterday gave all the organizations that have something to do with our safety demonstrations of their work. Also showed the tools for their work very appreciated by the children between 3 and 70.

The arrest of a crook by a police dog.

I myself was more interested in the people visiting this event.

A flooded house, not totally uncommon in the Netherlands.

The savior in this case.

Yes a lot to see but I wonder in this case.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Another event I wish I could have attended. As always S.C., great photos.

  2. Interesting event and I missed that cold weather.

  3. Mensen kijken blijft interessant. Genoeg te zien daar!

  4. A great day for the kids and a nice sky, interesting people for photographing.

  5. I have seen those dog protection suits and would prefer never to wear one. Or have a face covered with soot.

  6. A very interesting report on this event with some remarkable photos (I wonder about the whole family whoses faces were painted black !?!!)