zondag 20 maart 2016

Because it is sunday

Another oldie scanned from my 6x6 negatives from around 1967. 1 Mercedes and a lot of Citroëns and Fiats in those times.

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  1. Nice flashback. Is possible that there were more cars than bikes on the road in 1967?

    1. Yes Andy. Bikes were to expensive then to let them stand outside and I still remember the time that we had to carry our bikes three stairs up to the attic and that every day. Later came paid bike parkings in the neighbourhood. That was a big relieve I can tell you.

  2. That Benz was a classic form the get go.

  3. Someone said that there was a revision of a bit of the French national anthem to: Aux armes, citoyens, Conduire une Citroën.

  4. Nice shoot!!you should upload more !

  5. Thanks for telling me about the bad photo link on my blog. Google is switching from Picasa Web Albums to Google Photos and I am having problems figuring out the correct link to the photo. I think it is now fixed.