zondag 11 oktober 2015

Some photo's from the amsterdam crowd.

On our way home from the city

You see all kinds of people

Within a few minutes

This was also a tourist. Good for him.

Here the crowd was finally a little over again. I think in about a few years this is interesting to compare it with the future fashion.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. S.C. your are becoming a pretty good street photographer.

  2. My question is whether coffee will fall out of fashion?

  3. Leuk zulke straatbeelden. Het kleine blonde meisje met het witte rokje en het zwarte jeasje is superschattig!
    Fijne zondag, Hilde

  4. Fashion is almost as fun to photograph as architecture, methinks!

  5. Kleding is altijd een goed 'ijkpunt' om te vergelijken.

  6. I agree, fashion live, soon these are already old-fashioned. Or ... at least some of the fashions.
    It is nice to look at everyday street life

  7. Well done. Amsterdam is a delight for street photographers.

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  8. Fine street photography. Like your spontaneous feel in your people photos. Sorry to see McDonalds is as common there as it is here. Leopard prints seems unusually popular.