dinsdag 7 juli 2015

Architecture trip to Copenhagen(11)

Why difficult when it can easy. Bench in park in Malmö (Sweden) at the western harbor area famous for its ecological approach.
The most famous building here. The Turning Torso from te Spanish architect Calatrava.
And from another angle. One for our world tuesday here.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice shots of the Turning Torso.

  2. i like the bench and that turning torso building is so cool! i wonder what it is like from the inside.

  3. I never knew so many weird looking buildings were out there. They seem to defy gravity.

  4. Wat een geweldige bank. Vooral vanwege die tak die er deels nog aan zit.

  5. Love the creative bench. And that's a neat building.

  6. That's a really twisted building there - but great - wonder if the floors inside are level or if they twist round too? :) #ourworldtuesday

  7. There is something sinister about the bench - it looks like an ax handle. Love the twisted building. It fits into the area well from one side at all and not at all from the other.

  8. Love the tall building, but it really needs some company...

  9. SC,
    Superb city to share with your readers - thank you!
    I love the pedestrian friendly roads.
    The building is way cool.
    The environmentally friendly approach is the best approach.
    I hope younger generations pick that up and spread it around the world - especially needed here in the USA.
    Have a Wonderful Day!
    Peace :)

  10. wow, the Calatrava building seems like a lot of work. I have to wonder how much engineering and cost goes into such buildings. A bit out of place there!

    1. Ha Kitty, perhaps do you know that Valencia the first town with great Calatrava projects is broke and every other one was much and much more expensive then calculated at the start.

  11. The benche is so nice, and the building is grazy lovely, I really love it.