donderdag 20 november 2014


Sinterklaas is since a week in the country again. This year he has a bodyguard because there is trouble over his assistants who are since it is celebrated moorish servants. Its not from this time any more to show slaves as assistants . In reality it weren't slaves at all but that doesn't matter. The point is made and this children's party is now corrupted by picket lines and interruptions. 
There are still a lot of children waiting for sinterklaas and his assistants.
And after he passed you still see the silent witnesses on the ground. One of the reasons the children likes him because his assistants throws the candy hands full in the public.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. His counterpart Santa Clause keeps the kids happy in Canada.

  2. It seems too early in the season? Our family still celebrates St. Nicolais, whom I know I saw as a child!!

  3. Zwarte Piet is indeed a polarizing figure.