woensdag 12 november 2014

Photographica fair (2)

One of the nicer things is the hassle over the price.
A friend of mine took 20 minutes to lower a price from €25 to 20 but both participants enjoyed it very much.
Then boosting about it.
and no they are not all men who know this trick.
In the end you are very tired, want to sit, but has something what you really like.
To inform you I got away with 2 photo books. One from Ed v.d. Elsken called Jong Nederland ( one of the more rare examples of his books) for €10,- and Bliss a collection from postcards collected by Martin Parr. No photo equipment this time because I really don't know what I can use anymore.
Sometimes I am tempted to buy an Hasselblad or something like that for a real absorbingly low price but I know already that I won't use it and it will only collect dust in a house that is already to filled with photo equipment.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Someone has called the Rolleiflex probably the "most coveted camera ever made."

  2. I like what you are holding too. And Oslo is cold and rain tomorrow, not much sun to take photo.