vrijdag 19 september 2014

Fence from around 1780

Fence on the roof of the Muider Gate originally from 1663. Possible to visit on open monuments day.
Here the whole Gate once part of the city wall of Amsterdam. Partly collapsed on the outside in 1769 due to a building fault in the foundation and rebuild in 1770 by City Carpenter Cornelis Rauw.
A print of that time showing the collapse.
One for good fences here.

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  1. Great shots. Love the stone fence as well as the Muider Gate.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. neat stone railings/fence. glad they could save part of the building and rebuild.

  3. Funny how back then one couldn't just go out and snap a picture to record some event. An artist needed to be brought in and create an image for history.

  4. So good to have respect for history and a willingness to expend money to keep the objects in good shape.

  5. Beautiful building, it has so much charm and character.

  6. Wonderfull building, and nice shots
    Greeting from Belgium.

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    Mons in Belgium My city

  7. Oops. I am always amazed that more buildings don't fail - probably because I am absolutely ignorant of the engineering and architecture, not to mention construction methods, that make skyscrapers and other large structures work.