zondag 15 juni 2014

Walk with the dog

This lady moves one of the dogs at an exhibition to a more prominent place in the town hall of Amsterdam. The dogs will be auctioned to raise money for children with a metabolic energy disease.

Another example.

We have had elephants, rhino's, turtles and now dogs. Why not. If you are interested the exhibition will be until the end of the month in the town hall and more information is to found on the dog parade.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Giant dog to the little one. They look different. Each one have their unique style!

  2. The first one, especially, reminds me of one of our university's mascots.

  3. That extra big bulldog gave me laugh. Thank you.

  4. Love that first shot. She gives a whole new meaning to "walking the dog." I would love to see this exhibit.


  5. I love them most alive, but the purpose of the exhibition is tremendous.

  6. That's one kind of dog I've never taken for a walk. :)