woensdag 25 juni 2014

Art competition.

After the hectic of yesterdays picture now tranquility at the entrance of the summer exposition "Light" in the municipal museum the Hague. From the more than 3000 entries at last 284 works were chosen for the exposition made by amateur or professional. (The competition is for everyone living in the Netherlands and the winner is chosen by the public of the exposition)

This painting called " sorry Lola" is by Kiek Haket

A neon composition by Rubins J. Spaans.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Interesting photoes you show today!The first one gives a good light to the paintings :)

  2. Eeeek! Sorry Lola is right... guess mum or dad forgot the sunscreen?
    The neon lights remind me of a Mondian painting.

  3. Oh the painting of the little girl is painful to look at. Well done!

  4. That's a new take on the famous Coppertone Girl (which was Jodi Foster as a child).