maandag 18 november 2013

The army in town

Last friday new officers for the dutch army were sworn in on the town hall square in Almere city.

Normally you don't see much of our Army but by special request of our city council this took place in Almere. Didn't know that this was possible . My experience with it was 49 years ago when I myself had to stand still for more then 3 hours but that was on a parade field at the barracks.

Of course you can also make pic's like this but I can tell you that for a dutch town it is a happening you don't see often.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I like that overhead photo of the troops. Nice angle.
    PS: I hope the young lady with the weapon is on your side. :)

  2. The second photo...the perfect Christmas card photo to send home to the family. Good capture.

  3. The armed forces have many colorful, traditional ceremonies. Nice for your town and great photos.

  4. Inderdaad on-Nederlands. Mooie foto's.

  5. Nice. I like the way the third shot really humanizes the troops. If only we could all see each other without the blind rage of nationality, religion, and ideology....