vrijdag 11 oktober 2013

Mobile fences

In their wisdom the city counsel of Almere decided that for the greater grass plains in the parks instead of lawn mowers a flock of sheep should be used. They contracted a shepherd with 300 sheep and he uses a mobile fence to keep them a bit on place . It is such a success that they now think about two more flocks.

For us city inhabitants its a pleasant sight and no more noise of the lawn mowers . The sheep also stay at night at the place where they are supposed to do the grass.
One for friday fences here.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. How interesting! I didn't know there was a movable fence for such a purpose. I think it's a wonderful idea to use sheep for lawn 'mowers'. I enjoyed your photos. Thank you for your visit and comment.

  2. And very attractive sheep they are as well as doing an excellent job. And think how well they are fertilising the plains.

  3. i love that! there are some areas here in the states where you can 'rent' a flock of goats to clear weeds and grasses from your land - same sort of thing with a mobile fence.

    and the green heron used to be called 'green-backed heron'. we already have one called great blue heron and another little blue heron. so they called this one green as it has just a hint of green on its back - especially in the sunlight.

  4. What an interesting and great idea. The fence does not need to be strong as sheep are pretty content.

  5. Het is een goed initiatief. We zien het hier in het noorden ook vaak, soms zelfs op een stuk gras op een industrieterrein.