dinsdag 15 oktober 2013

Great surroundings for photo expo

In this building, a former sugar factory in Groningen, the photo expo XtwentyX by photo collective "Noorderlicht" took place. Sunday was the last day so I decided to have a look with biebkriebels there. If I understand it correct one theme was to have or have not and another the sweet and sour story of sugar around the world.

The building itself was also very interesting to visit.

Here a part of the exhibition related to power and government.

It was funny to see that nearly every visitor had a kind of camera with them and where using it also.

I hope that this kind of exhibition spaces will survive the future even working a bit distracting from the message the photo's brought.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Great use for these abandoned buildings, but I do wonder how the cold temperatures might have affected the art.

  2. I like the way this building has been saved and reused.

  3. What a fine place to hold the exhibit. These old warehouses fascinate me with all of their windows and light. genie

  4. I could see how the interior of the building could detract the art lover's attention away from the art. What a neat place.

  5. Love the space and the re-purposing. There's something magnificent about these abandoned factories and warehouses, but they really need to be put to good use.

  6. Fantastic exhibition space....great photos!