maandag 19 augustus 2013

Photographica market

Yesterday was our big outdoor photographic market in Doesburg. As member of the dutch photographica association I could not let it pass. And what do you do on such a day except looking for that part you still miss in your collection. You take photo's

There were things for everybody from 1 euro for a little bag or strap to 7000 for a rare lens or nikon rangefinder.

There was other optic as well.

Some customer came with a very special car from England. A racing Bentley from the past century. I ended the day with an Ricoh GR digital to see if they are as good as everyone is saying for a satisfying 60 bucks.

An other enthusiast visitor showed that you can use simple things if you want a lens cap on your sunshade without paying the top. I can recommend this market for everybody who likes photography.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. A great post. I like this old photography stuff ;-)

    Greetings from the Netherlands,
    Gert Jan

  2. That Bentley looks like something straight out of a movie set.

  3. Another great event I missed out on... but you photos made up for it.

  4. Nice collection, and congrats on snagging the ricoh for 60 bucks - look forward to seeing the pics!

  5. Now that sounds like a fun market. I love the Bentley.

  6. Lovely car - great for ambling round the country on a sunny day but it must have been brave and/or mad men that raced these things.

  7. I would love to try one of those wonderful old cameras. With a few exceptions I've only used digital.

  8. That car is called a Blower Bentley, 4 1/2 liter racing car from 1928-1931. There were only five of these built, and they won Le Mans twice, in 1929 and again in 1930 beating the Bugatti and Mercedes Teams. One of the five Blower Bentleys just sold at a Pebble Beach auction for 4.6 million dollars. The name on the hood (bonnet) is F. P. Journe, the maker of hand made Swiss watches which begin at about $20,000 each. He can afford such a car. Interesting photo.

    1. Thanks for your info. I didn't know anything about it but has made some more photographs. Especially from the steering and dashboard. In due time I will place them.