zondag 11 augustus 2013


Going away for a long week I intended to keep my photography in the blog style I used the last weeks like this one on amsterdam airport.

Perhaps this one gives a little clue or otherwise the next one.

Can you guess where?

10 opmerkingen:

  1. I have noticed your absence the last few days. Glad to hear you are well and having fun.

  2. Norway, Country of trolls !
    (Like the 2 men looking at you in the 1st shot!)

  3. yes i know where it is!Of course!!
    but we have many of thise stabburs around..cant excatly tell where it is.So where particulary in Norway is it?

    I think it is from The Gudbrandsdalen area or Westlandet!

    Nice photoes from you !

    Next time ur family comes here give a call i will quide you along:)))))

    Happy sunday!

    1. You are right of course. Its near a hotel in Stalheim

  4. Oh man, these are excellent! I particularly like the first one, those different atmopsphere. But then the last one, so picturesque. When do I visit?

  5. Welcome back, great pics, the first one particularly nice all around.

  6. Not too sure if I'd want to get inside that building balanced in rocks.

  7. Beautiful place of the third image. Magnificent street photography of your blog! Congratulations