woensdag 3 juli 2013

Summer Expo 2013

Every year we have an exposition of art made by amateurs and professionals open for everyone in the netherlands. After very strong selections by different jury's from the 10000 applicants 360 are chosen for exposition in the "Gemeentemuseum" the Hague.

All artforms are welcome but it must fulfill the main Theme and that was for this year earth. Like this tapestry with all the animals.

Another animal, Pino, with the title "On the roadside" also fulfilled the theme earth.

This table layout was called " gedekt gewas ". It has a double meaning in dutch and in translation something like fertilized plants or table made up get lost.

Here famous photo's of the world history scratched with burned off matches on carton.
Visitors of the exposition are asked to put the number of their favorite art piece on the admission ticket and put it in a box. At the end of the exposition the artist of the artwork with the most votes win the price of this summer expo.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Okay, the woman over the doorway I'll reserve my comment. The Big Bird roadkill might be disturbing for little kids who watch Sesame Street. Weird stuff that makes you think and I suppose that was the intent of the artist.

  2. What a great idea for an exhibit. You've got quite an impressive documentation of the art scene going here.

  3. What an excellent varied and occasionally gruesome it seems exhibition. I've only ever spent an afternoon in the Hague and never got as far as the Gemeentemuseum but this is the second appearance I've seen of it in the blog world in as many days - I shall put it onthe long list of places to go.