woensdag 17 juli 2013

On the attic

On the attic of castle Groeneveld you find some rooms coming from the dollhouse made by Karina Schaapman called the mouse house . Here they are on true scale and for children of all ages a joy to explore.

The room of the music student.

Reading corner. It is a comfy experience to look at this expo.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Ah this is indeed a room I would have loved to call my own when a child. Hell, I would like one even now, 50 some years later. Maybe I'll get up in the attic of the house this weekend and have a look about as to the possibilities. I can see it now, my wife exclaiming "Now where has he gone to now?"

  2. Mouse House... that's a nick name people use around here (Southern California) for Disneyland! I like the reading corner.

  3. Nice pics of an interesting looking place,love the boy's expression and posture...

  4. Certainly is an appealing space - I could hide away for hours in a place like that. An ideal spot for tunes, reading and the occasional nap.