zondag 7 juli 2013

bicycle bridge

One of the uncountable cyclist bridges in Amsterdam called a cats back on the corner of the Hugo de Grootkade and the Bilderdijkkade. Its number 1935 on the list of numbered bridges in Amsterdam. If you want to see more bridges go to the sunday bridges meme here.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. ha, an apt name.
    all the Dutch must be in great shape, from the cycling!

  2. Very nice. Do you cycle much, s.c.? I don't think I've seen a "selfie" of you on a bike...

    1. Yesterday 16 km today 10. I use a ladies sport bike from the brand Koga Miata. It sounds Japanese and works with al kinds of japanese parts like a Nexus front and back derailleur ( 27 gears) but is totally Dutch . For shopping a Gazelle bike with a sturmy archer gearbox with 3 gears but with very big bicycle bags. For cycling after a cartrip I have 2 folding bikes in the back ( brompton). Yes use one of these every day.

    2. Good to know! A bike for every occasion, as it should be.