dinsdag 9 juli 2013

Art season 2

Continuing my posting of yesterday about the graduation of the Rietveld academy I continue with
Maartje Hinse  a versatile artist schooled in writing , filming, stained glass and draws for sick children in hospitals. This project as graduation is told in the poem above.

Yes , no pictures. She is a graduate of the Dogtime fine arts department. It is a part time study. The study program trains students to become autonomous visual artists. After graduation you may use the title of Batchelor of Fine Arts (BFA).

Samir Dzabirov from the ceramic department comes from Mostar and the past of this region you can see and feel in his work.

When I asked him why he had a hand grenade in every tile he told me that when he was home in Mostar the passenger on the bench beside him in the bus demonstrated how easy it was to dismantle this type of grenade that he just take out of his coat pocket. It must have made a great impression.

Liran Weisman, dressed in an israeli army uniform with cap but strangely from a fabric with all kind of disney figures on it, was still on work at her graduation project. She is from the department VAV.
The department focusses on disciplines such as film, animation, sound, performance, video, new media, visual arts, film-history and art-history.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I think I would enjoy such an interessant exhibition !
    it's not easy to explain art, and not necessary indeed ! artists follow a way, their way !.. I like that !

  2. This does indeed look like an interesting exhibition. The art means so much more when you understand what the artist had in mind much like Dinsmore.

  3. These are some moving and thought-provoking pieces. The portrait collection from the hospital is especially poignant.