zondag 5 mei 2013


This time of the year the tulips must give an colorful view on the fields so biebkriebels and I decided to go and look in the backyard of our own province Flevoland. It was and is so cold that except some show gardens the tulips need still a few weeks to blossom. 
Instead we went to Lemmer a little friesian town on the border with Flevoland.

Harbour of Lemmer. Lying on the IJsselmeer and giving way to the big lakes of Friesland there are always a lot of boats around but you have to pass a few locks and bridges in town.

In Lemmer is also an Indian motorcycle museum and workshop where they are restored and repaired.
Here you see the owner of the museum Tony Leenes in his red jack and his big chief with sidecar.

Also there was this Scott squirrel from 1923. It was running with the first kick and what a lovely sound it was. All in all a funny trip with a lot to see although no flowers in the field.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks like a nice daytrip. I love the beautiful tulips!

  2. The Netherlands is such an interesting place, with or without flowers to enjoy!

    I have added a photo to the post of the burnt shoe in question.....just for fun!

  3. Excellent collection of photos. Looks like you having fantastic spring weather.

  4. Lovely S.C.:-) :-) :-)
    Gives me a taste of spring:-)Thanx!

  5. We do not see cold. It looks like spring all together! Nice!

  6. Excellent impressions, love the tulips.


  7. That Scott looks amazing. I just love those old motorcycles. They were quite ground breaking in design. They also have a great style, which is somewhat 'steampunk' in design.