zondag 12 mei 2013

Crash course street photography

Yesterday I followed a street photographers course from " FOAM " The famous photographic museum in amsterdam. Rule one, posing people like the one above is not permitted. ( It was the second shot I made that day).

First after a little introduction of the two photographers who gave the course. (sorry I know only surnames) they showed us some examples of street photography by Helen Levitt and Gary Winograd. Also showed a little film above about Bruce Gilden making street photo's in NY.

For sure not a method I would do.

Still some rules where given as
The photo must contain people
Preferable not on their back
They may not posing for you
No bikes unless part of the total image as street content
No kids only
unless the photo contains a decision made by someone on that moment.
Of course interpretable in a lot of ways
No use of a tele lens
And that was it.

The next hour we went on the street to make photographs.
Here some results of my work.

These are 5 of the 135 pictures I made that hour. My fellow students (25 total) found the bench shot the best. What do you think. That evening I had my eyes closed at 10 PM.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. I don't think I would be able to do this, you are rather brave to try this. The bench shot is very candid. I also like the map scene, a great sense of place.

  2. I watched the video and I am surprise no one punched out the photographer. There's a lot people that don't like their photo taken without permission.

  3. In my opinion, Bruce Gilden's style is rude, obnoxious and the images not all that interesting. If you haven't seen this website showing the works of top street photographers, I suggest you take a look:


  4. Seriously? A Redskins fan in Amsterdam?! Maybe he just liked the sweater.

  5. oh that looks like such fun!!!
    lucky you!!!!

  6. My fav is the one where people are looking at the map.This course is a great and funny idea!

  7. Like Andy, I' don't like the way Gilden takes pictures , he's agressive. If he was in front of me , I think I could have the reaction to put down his camera!

  8. Nice little series of honest photographs of real people. You know that I enjoy this kind of photography :) I try not to follow rules set out by others. (I do have a set of my own rules in my head, which guide me toward a certain aesthetic feel and style).

    If everyone followed the same street photographt rules, then all photos would be the same, and there would be no new ideas.

    Some people like the 'in your face' style of Gilden (I don't), but it maybe does suit the streets of New York.

    Some people go for the 'inpublic' style of clever and ironic street art, with humour and oddness.

    Whatever the style, street photography is a way of recording history, people and facts, for future generations.

    Street photography is also fun and sometimes exciting.

    Good work S.C. !

  9. I do like the bench photo too. The guy on the far bench looks to be giving you a look of concern. With so much concern about personal safety it may be easier to wear a lanyard with identification on it (like a press pass)to ease some worries.