woensdag 27 maart 2013

Candy freaks

In amsterdam new shops open every day as here candy freaks . Everything you wanted to know about wigs, jewelry or clothing from candy you can find here. Its also remarkable that this shop is in a very crowed not so cheap shopping street.

Here an example of eatable clothing with some of their more daring products. A strange phenomena
is the fact that in this kind of shops dutch is no longer the official language . Sometimes the store staff even don't understand you when speaking dutch. Its the prize of globalization in a small country.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. That's all right. I wouldn't understand them if they spoke Dutch either. :-)

  2. Candy is my weakness. It looks like a fun store.

    It's tough when you can't speak your own language in your own country.

  3. These candies look lovely, but I wonder how good they taste. Eat with eyes.

  4. how inventive?
    The loss of the language is sad though.

  5. Probably only possible in big towns with many freaks? Interesting business ideas, a paradise for photographer.