woensdag 27 februari 2013

Bad example

Yesterday I saw this lady crossing a red light and nearly hit the man just because he had green to walk. Nowadays bikers thinks that the lights are not for them but that is a mistake. The fine is € 220,- .

4 opmerkingen:

  1. It's amazing that our two countries have so much in common⏎

  2. ha, same here!!

    I am surprised there are not more accidents. I do remember one I saw in Central Park - a cyclist slammed into a little old lady who was crossing the street. Fortunately, both were fine, though badly shaken.

    Happy Wednesday, SC!

  3. In Virginia USA there are some narrow roads with just enough room for one car in each direction. Sometimes a cyclist will ride down the road as if nothing is wrong!
    In order to pass him a car must cross the double center line median and hope he can make it back before another car comes from the other direction.
    This is traveling on the edge of death, tempting fate!
    Because there is less traffic he can get away with it. But it's still dangerous.
    Just as in your country cyclist should learn to ride safely.