donderdag 10 januari 2013

Trade fair for the catering industry.

Went yesterday to a pro trade fair with an ex colleague from my old architect office because there has to come a new coffee machine. It involves a lot of money and is worthwile to do a little investigation. 
Nespresso is one of the choices but the coffee system with cups is very expensive. The coffee taste very nice by the way.
One of the greatest attractions of such fair is always the free samples of drink and food you get as here a sample of soft ice.
 The big firms try to seduce you with beautiful ladies as here magnum ice from unilever
Or in this case sauce for fried potato's.
One thing for sure if they use the products they advertise then next year they are not used anymore for advertising because of weight problems.
All in all it was fun and instructive the same time.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Lots of free samples and lots of pretty girls.

  2. I think we just had a sports commentator here in the U.S. get in trouble for saying something like "Wow!" :-)

  3. A fasicnating post and I agree that there will be weight problems if people aren't careful with the samples!

  4. Wow!!Nice!!Really really good photoes!!and when i see those pretty chicks..i say..boy i have to get to a diet!!!!!

    thanx for sharing!!Well done!!))

  5. I have to admit that I could quite easily be seduced into buying products from those gorgeous ladies. (I am so weak) :)