donderdag 17 januari 2013

Some other winter shots of amsterdam

Here for the statue of Rembrandt the statue group of his most famous painting "the night watch" keeps also watch when it snows.

Not so nice around the corner somebody was hit by a car or slipped on the bike over an icy spot on the rails trying to avoid hitting the car. Sadly it is common habit these days.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Your country is like mine.... cold and people getting injured.

  2. oh no!
    I hope the person was all right?

    I am always astonished more people aren't falling all over the place!

  3. I remembered the first one when I take some pictures there on my first visit to Amsterdam.

    Hope that person was all right.

  4. what some great shhoots you did get!!that is what ai always think!!Always carry the camera with never now the next shhoot!!BTW I love the rembrandt and his painting the nightwatch..just delerious great!!Thanx !!XX