zaterdag 5 januari 2013

Lunchroom hotel droog

When you are taking a lunch at the shortly opened lunchroom of the design store Droog in Amsterdam you are sitting on and eating from all the designs they sold in their shop. They had no advertising and no billboards outside but against eating time you have a hard way to get a place. On the photo you see the chairs where I and biebkriebels had lunch a few days before . They also started a hotel with only one room and the lunchroom is in reality a what big breakfast room for the one room of the hotel.

1 opmerking:

  1. Wow, what an interesting concept! Not sure I would want it in my living room, which kinda looks like that already the way I just throw clothing on chairs instead of hanging things up properly, but I don't really WANT it to look that way!

    Nice :-)