zondag 25 november 2012

Willemsbrug rotterdam

Here you see the Willems bridge over the Maas in rotterdam. Called after king William III who let build the first one. In 1981 this bridge became its replacement. The designer of the bridge would have made it with 1 column and cables but in that time the engineers didn't trust that construction and if you look good you see on the two sides pylons. Nowadays 1 pylon is the norm of course.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi licht met de donkere wolken. Bijzonder hoe de gebouwen en de brug zo nietig lijken.

  2. very pretty view, SC!

    Most engineers are very conservative. Better safe than sorry!

  3. Pretty cool bridge anyway, and nice clouds overhead.

  4. Hi s.c,
    How cool this grayish picture is! I can see something red flying in the sky left side. I wonder what it is.

  5. Hi s.c,
    Thank you for commenting on my blog and I am glad to see you going through the same process:)

    You captured the nice view of bridge in the dusk. Great composition, as well.

    Have a wonderful week.


  6. Superb skyline. Everything is with you - especially light.