vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

Keep the cars out

The fences around this little playground are there to keep the cars out from parking. As a filled in canal to give the cars a parking place it was impossible to create some space for the children. This is the solution for now but you can understand that owning a car in the centre of amsterdam is a big problem as is the space for children. One for friday fences here .

5 opmerkingen:

  1. what a great place to visit. looks peace for the moment. (:

  2. Glad they made a space for the children to play! Nice shot n welcome to FF

  3. marvelous...indeed!
    have a wonderful day!

  4. Great street scene and interesting info. So different to our relaxed country town.

    Thank you for your honest input via comments on my blog I appreciated it S.C.


  5. That is why you have lots of bicycles instead of cars.