donderdag 20 september 2012

Eight years ago

Here Loes , in the canteen of my former office, dog of a colleague with a very timely brain for when food could be acquired by her. When the top concrete layering was made a few years before an unknown cat was get inside and walked through the wet cement. It was such a nice effect that we left it that way. Now I think that it was not a complete surprise to someone but of course well for the cat.
Still it was a very animal friendly office.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. ha how fun?
    The spots on the floor work well with the spots on the dog. And it seems to tell a story, like a phantom animal was there unbeknownst to the dog.

    you're lucky to have had a pet-friendly office. I've been in one too, and it's quite nice.

  2. ii cannot imagine office with dogs and cats in our country!

  3. It's nice to imagine to be at work with a dog!

  4. Europe is so much more animal friendly when it comes to offices and pubs. Love the dalmatian...a beautiful dog. genie

  5. Great angle and love the composition. Cat prints plus a dalmatian!


  6. Our office is only slightly dog-friendly. But when one arrives, you can feel the change.