donderdag 19 juli 2012

Looking back

It took a lot of time before I dared to take this kind of shots .

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Lively shots. I know you have spent a lot of time for the shots. The first one is full of red color. Love it.

  2. it takes some getting used to doesn't it. I'm better at it now than I once was.

  3. The top photo reminds me of David Vanian of The Damned. Well he looked like that in the 1970's. He must be in his mid 50's by now.

  4. I applaud your bravery, I'm still standing on the edge of the pool, scared to jump in! I also think the first one is particularly nice...

  5. So glad you dared to shoot these. Perhaps I am too audacious, but I click freely with abandon. Perhaps I will get in big trouble, but I am careful not to get a full front of a child's face without permission of a parent.


    These people look a little up-tight

  6. haha. you are too polite, SC!
    I think it's much easier to take street photos in New York, where there are tons of distractions. People are much too concerned about whether they're going to be run over by a cab to notice whether I'm taking a photo of them.

    Happy friday!!

  7. oh street photography , once it gets into your soul is marvelous! Great shots all.

  8. You have to keep pushing yourself to the limit of your comfort zone, otherwise you will never improve.
    Sometimes I shoot at night with flash, getting very close to my subjects. A few smiles and some courtesy will ensure you don't upset anyone. Keep at it :)