maandag 23 juli 2012

Oldest coffeeshop in town

Here in the Vijzelstreet in Amsterdam this coffeeshop started in 1972 in an abandoned bakery. There was a lot of dealing in soft drugs and so it became one of the first official coffeeshops where the authorities turned a blind eye to the users and buyers of the stuff for personal use. Nowadays this habit is still in discussion but is also still practiced The name comes from the Bob Dylan song Mellow Yellow where he tried to get high by means of smoking banana shells.
 I think this is a nice posting for mellow yellow monday.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Nick
    This is a perfect photo for Mellow Yellow Monday!

  2. Nice shot!
    This street in a way always looks the same :)

  3. It does stand out, you'd think a shop engaged in illegal practices would not want to draw attention to itself - is that guy intentionally avoiding your "gaze?"

  4. The mix of architecture and humanity in scenes like this illustrate a sense of a city's look and "character" (in addition to information provided by the caption). All in all - an illuminating insight into one aspect of Life in Amsterdam.

  5. I´d like to have a cup of black coffee there.