zondag 29 juli 2012

Amsterdam roof terrace

A former colleague and friend has a nice roof terrace in the middle of the city. When you look over the edge you see what is shown in the next photo.

If you look carefully you see some more.
Of course houses with this kind of terraces are very sought after but very difficult to get and very expensive.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. magnifique endroit typique,merci du partage !

  2. Great terrace. Love the view over the roof tops.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  3. It must be very relaxing to sit there on a sunny day.


  4. So nice, beautiful color palate in the buildings and roofs,

  5. I have always loved the gables and roof styles of Netherlands houses. Very unique indeed. Lovely image.

  6. that must be fun? I bet few people know he has a terrace? You don't think of flat roofs in Amsterdam.

    I see he did everything the right way, with the paver system and teak furniture. Must be an architect!