zondag 11 maart 2012

Photographica market

Here some impressions of a photographic market I visited today with friends.

It is always fun to look at the stuff and a bit sad to say to yourself don't do it . You have already to much gear but sometimes just find that little thing you are missing.

Don't forget to bring a camera or just buy one .

7 opmerkingen:

  1. looks like a neat event I would love to work with a macro lens but they are so sensitive, thinking of just bettering the lenses I currently have at the moment. hope you had a great weekend!!

  2. It would take me hours and hours to 'do' this event.
    By the way, I didn't know Chiquita made also photocamera's nowadays. ;-)

  3. I am pretty bad at our local “antique-flea market” so know I would be awful at a bazar like this. I would be in hog heaven. Enjoyed seeing the people in the photos. genie

  4. I dont think anyone asked.... did you buy something? I cant go to a market like that and leave empty handed, Im horrible like that. good shots S.C

  5. Hi gerry.
    Believe it or not but this time I bought nothing because I had just bought a panasonic gf2 with the panasonic 20-1.7 and the 14-45. Also a set of adapters that make it possible to use leica m and nikon g lenses on this camera. I am a bit degrading from a canon 1ds and d5 first to a nikon d7000 and now to the panasonic gf2. Lately i have trouble with carring to much weight on my shoulder during a city stroll so every time I get the weight lower I am glad. Must say that a hasselblad 500 c with 80 mm planar and cassette for 300 euro was quite a temptation.

  6. Wow... nice kit S.C fast lenses as well... I know what you mean about weight. The only camera I take to work with me is the Ricoh and on the weekends I take out the Nikon. For 300 Euro I would have gotten the Hasselblad with the 80mm lens... I use to have a 500 but I sucked at zone focusing.