dinsdag 28 februari 2012


Near Achnacarry Castle in Scotland lays the Commando memorial dedicated to the men of the original British Commando Forces during WW II unveiled in 1952 by the Queen Mother. The nearby Garden of Remembrance, which was added in 2007, is used by many surviving WW II Commandos as the designated final resting place for their ashes. It has also been used as a place where families have scattered ashes and erected tributes to loved ones who belonged to contemporary Commando units and who have died in more recent conflicts. (Text from wikipedia you can read here ).
For more taphophile-tragic look here.

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  1. What a beautiful little rememberance garden. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. What is very nice about this garden of remembrance, SC, is that the plaques are so obviously hand-made. That is very significant in this era of mass produced emotion. They look a hodge-podge, and that is endearing.

    I am in two minds about a place like this for commandos to bequeath their ashes. I am all for family history. I know that other allegiances are very strong in times of war. But I do like it when families think enough of each other, to be all buried in the same graveyard.

    Thank you for your contribution this week. It has set me thinking about what is important to me.

  3. Great idea to have a place to erect a memorial for those whose ashes are there too...