zondag 22 januari 2012

Sunday Bridges

Here a bridge in the oldest part of Amsterdam. Its the red-light district and therefore the best preserved part of the city. The canal is called the "Ouwezijds voorburgwal" and I think the bridge is called the "Doelenbridge" but I am not sure. The church in the back is the St.Nicolas church.
For more sunday bridges look here

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Cool picture - Is the bridge you are standing on as packed as the one in front of you? I assume you noticed the guy on the right by the parked cars taking a picture of you :-)

  2. Hai micheal
    I didn't notice the guy right and my bridge was not so crowded. Perhaps was a guy in the water at the other bridge. Not uncommon in this part of town. But it is often packed with guys who go to the ladies. Mostly young guys from out of town for a day out and drunk from 7 till 7 .

  3. It looks like a painting.
    Ciao from Italy.

  4. it's a beautiful stone bridge, the cathedral, too.
    i wonder why the bridge is pretty crowded.:p

  5. This looks like a painting with the carefully sculpted clouds above the gorgeous St. Nicolas church. Very nice.


  6. I recently discovered your blog, and from the beginning I became a regular at it. Congratulations for your daily work!

  7. I have been right here...this is so exciting. Love the shot. It makes me want to return. It is Amsterdam at its best. One beautiful shot. genie